DogCare Best Dog Training Collar | Complete feature

DogCare Best Dog Training Collar | Complete feature and how to use?

Dog training collars (AK.A. remote dog training collars or just dog shock pieces of training collars) have been around for a long time, and as such, older dog trainers of working dogs enforcing commands from a distance were forced to embrace the earliest dog electronic training collar models there were available at that time.

Obviously, while those first remote dog training collar models were somewhat rudimentary and just featured very limited stimulation settings, their utility as a training tool simply couldn’t be denied. However, those weren’t very friendly for the dogs that had to wear them.

Then, around 20 years ago, a shift happened in the dog training community that lead brand leaders of remote training collars to adapt and create newer and more gentle models, thus bringing on a gentler way of training. As a result, today’s collars are a product of that evolution and one great example is none other than the Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01.

Dog Training Collar

This dog training company was developed by a start-up local company called Dogcare – based/headquartered on Rockville, Maryland. This pet products team is fully composed by dedicated pet owners that simply love their pets.

As such, the Dogcare team has been working hard over the last 4 years to not only bring their concepts to life, but also to be able to bring all families with pets across the US their company’s high-quality products, which can ultimately help thousands and thousand of American families to build better relationships between all of their family members and their beloved furry friends.

Now, back to the Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01. While there are tons of “training shock collars” available on the market, let’s start by helping you save a few hundreds of dollars on simple models that barely work. Contrarily to a lot of other dog training collar models currently available, the Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01 is one of the few dog shock collar at this price point that actually works.

This shock collar really does its job – helps you with training your dog(s) – and is highly efficient, and as such, it should be used with care.

For example, you can put it either on one of your stubborn dogs or on any dog that’s showing some bad behavior. After setting its shock power level to just 10 (low) you can begin testing it around to see how your dog reacts. Usually, it will only take your dog(s) a few times for them to learn what they should and shouldn’t do (good/bad behaviors).

Furthermore, thanks to the collar’s beeping noise, as well as its secondary gentle vibration feature, dog owners won’t always have to use/recur to the collar’s third and last feature – which is a small shock for behavior training – just to train their dogs.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01 and check everything this recently released dog shock collar has to offer.

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First of all, the collar itself is fully adjustable, measuring exactly 7.3 inches long by 1.9 inches wide (or tall) by 0.9 inches inches thick, and it also super lightweight, weighing just a measly 10.4 ounces, which basically means that Fido won’t even know it’s there.

DogCare Dog Collar
  • Really, this dog training collar is so lightweight that your dog won’t even notice it while wearing it, and will only reminded of it whenever you decide to use either its beep and/or vibration features (or ultimately, its shock feature).
  • Not only that, but both the collar itself as well as its receiver are also ultra-durable, as both are made of durable and high-quality ABS (plastic) materials, making the entire unit strong enough to withstand any movement while your dog is wearing it.
  • Thanks to its super adjustable size, this dog training collar becomes super versatile, which makes it perfect for dogs of all sizes (ranging from a very light 15 lbs. all the way up to a maximum of 100 lbs.).
  • Furthermore, the dog training collar’s receiver is fully waterproof (rated IPX65 waterproof), which ultimately provides both dogs and dog owners with maximum flexibility during their outdoor activities. As such, if you’re dog loves to swim and you ever end up going to the beach, a lake, or anything similar, Fido can enjoy a nice swim without their dog owner having the need to worry about removing the collar beforehand.
  • Additionally, since this is a dog training collar, the Dog Training Collar TC-01 obviously comes with its own training remote, which in turn comes equipped with a smart chip that allows the unit to meet any professional’s training needs.
  • Not only that, but this training remote was also designed with your dog’s safety in mind, as it comes equipped with a security keypad lock (found as its left side) that is guaranteed to prevent any Miss-Click (miss-operation) on the remote’s vibration/shock-training buttons by locking all of its action buttons.
  • Thanks to the remote’s super convenient safety lock, dog owners/trainers can easily avoid any accidental shocks that could happen to their dog(s).
  • Lastly, the training remote’s digital screen features easy-to-read and -to-understand icons that make its operation super intuitive.
  • Those Icons include a Shock-Level Value Number, which goes from 0~99 (can be seen at the top right of the screen), Battery Level Indicators for both the remote’s battery [left] as well as the collar’s receiver’s battery [right] (can be seen at the bottom right of the screen), and the Amount of Dog Collar Receivers that the training remote is currently connected, which can go up to 9 receivers at once (found at the screen’s top left corner).
  • There’s also a Safety Lock Icon that lets dog owners/trainers know whether or not the remote’s security keypad lock is activated, as well as a Wireless Connectivity Icon at its right side that allows users to know if the connection between the training remote and one (or more) dog collar receivers was already established (both these icons are located at the bottom right corner of the remote’s screen).
  • Unlike most other dog training collars currently available, which only allow dog owners and trainers to train a maximum of just two (x2) dogs per remote control (and their corresponding collar receiver units), the Dog Training Collar TC-01’s single training remote supports up to a total of 9 control channels.
  • This basically means that this unit can control up to nine (x9) receivers at once, thus allowing dog owners/trainers to train up to a maximum of 9 dogs per training session. So, in case that you have more than 2 dogs in your house, the Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01 is obviously the perfect option for you to go with.
  • Furthermore, its training remote offers dog owners/trainers a very extensive wireless control range that goes up to 330 yards.
  • Both the training remote & receiver come equipped with built-in rechargeable and long-lasting batteries that can be recharged via each of the unit’s (training remote and dog collar’s receiver) Micro-USB Charging Ports.
  • Dog owners/trainers can easily recharge both units by using a any standard Micro-USB charging cable.
  • Ultimately, dog owners/trainers can charge the training set by using a power bank, smartphone charger or even via a laptop’s USB charging port.
  • Furthermore, since training remote can show battery levels for both the remote and receiver, there will never be the need to guess the battery levels for either of the units.
  • The training remote’s built-in rechargeable battery can last up to 45 days of standby time, while the the receiver’s built-in rechargeable battery can last for more around 15 days of standby time

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  • Fully-Adjustable Static Level
  • The Dog Training Collar TC-01’s training remove offers dog owners/trainers a fully adjustable static level, thus allowing them to accurately set the dog collar’s receiver’s adjustable static level, which can be used between 0~99 Shock Levels.
  • This is a great feature for both beginners and experts when it comes to dog training, as this feature allows any dog owner/trainer to start with a super low shock value so that they never hurt they’re dog when teaching them the differences between good and bad behavior.
  • 3 Different Training Modes
  • Another great feature offer by the Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01 is its 3 different, extremely efficient and super safe Training Modes, which empower dog owners/trainers with the ability to select the best/proper training mode for their dog(s), and that will obviously highly depend on their dog’s behavior and actions.
  • These training modes include a Beep Mode, a Vibration Mode, and ultimately, a Static/Shock Mode. This last one is your last option (like a last resort kind of thing) and should not be used before the other two, as the Shock Mode is what helps dog owners/trainers to express to their dogs that they feel an extreme amount of disapproval towards their dogs worst behavior.
  • Safety Shutdown
  • Lastly, the Dog Training Collar TC-01’s training remote also features a Safety Shutdown function that automatically turns off the remote unit (transmitter) after a total of 20 minutes of being idle.
  • Not only does this feature help to save the remote’s battery (of course), but also prevents dog owners/trainers from accidentally shocking their four-legged friend(s) if they’re ever still wearing the collar.
  • This is something that could happen whenever dog owners/trainers pick up their dog training collar’s remote for the first time after a long period of time of not using it, and for that of course, the remote’s safety lock would also have to be set to Off.
  • Using this dog training collar is super easy as well as very intuitive, and it is all thanks to the training remote’s straight forward and super clean design (especially when compared to other training remote models out there).
  • Firstly, as each dog is different, make sure you set the training remote’s shock/static power level to just 10 or even below that, and then see how you dog reacts to that smaller shock.
  • Even for bigger dogs (let’s say any of the large and/or giant dog breeds), starting with a medium shock-level of 30~40 (or something similar) will zap your pup so hard that they’ll most likely start running backwards yelping (literally).
  • As this dog training collar is one of the best currently available on the market (if not the very best to be completely honest), this dog gadget can zap, and trust me, it is not worth for you, your dog (or dogs), and the relationship you guys have together to start at either the remote’s medium or higher shocking levels. Just start as low as you think its best for your dog’s confidence and go from there.
  • I’d say something like 3~5 is a pretty good start, as that’s kinda like just pinching your dog’s fur, and for most dogs, it is usually enough to be very honest.


The Dogcare Dog Training Collar TC-01 is a super reliable dog training collar and remote control that can be used for a total of 9 dogs simultaneously for up to 330 yards. This training collar features a fully adjustable Static Level, 3 different Training Modes and a Safety Shutdown feature.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best dog training collars that you can buy today.

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